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Unlock Your Movement Potential.

Welcome to The Charlotte Athlete, where elevated care leads to elevated outcomes.  Here in South Park, we’re setting the standard for what quality rehabilitative care looks like.   Our focus is simple… effective, comprehensive, and patient-centered care that puts our clients’ goals at the heart of everything we do.   Whether you’re a high-level athlete, amateur runner, or active adult simply looking to unlock your movement potential, we got you covered. Our patients don’t just recover, they come back stronger than ever, excelling at the gym, on the court, and on the field.

Manual Therapy at The Charlotte Athlete

Treating the person as a whole, not just the injury.

Sports Physical Therapy & Exercise at The Charlotte Athlete

The human body is both complex and interconnected requiring more than just mindless exercises to achieve long-lasting outcomes.  Our approach looks at the body as a whole, breaking down both local and global impairments to optimize your movement.    

Results driven from day one, you will leave your initial evaluation with a customized plan tailored to you.  Through a thorough evaluation and assessment, our specialized Doctors of Physical Therapy will identify training faults and movement dysfunction and set you on a personalized path to healing.

Eliminate your pain, dominate your life

Pain doesn’t have to hold you back from being your best self.  Feeling failed by the current healthcare model? Tired of short-term fixes or cookie-cutter treatments?  We GET IT!  That’s why we’re rewriting the narrative on what performance physical therapy in South Park  Charlotte can do for you.

Join us as we build a solid foundation of pain-free mobility, improve your movement patterns, and implement lifestyle changes that will take your recovery to the next level.

What to expect at The Charlotte Athlete:

We’re not here to tell you to stop doing the things you love to do.  Instead, we’re here to help you heal, rebuild, and give you the tools you need to stay healthy long into the future. 

Exceeding Expectations in Performance Physical Therapy

Exceptional care. Personalized attention. Results that last.

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