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Are you a Charlotte runner hoping to optimize your training plan, address nagging running injuries, or improve your running technique?  If so, we’ve got you covered.  Here at The Charlotte Athlete, we help runners of all abilities run stronger, faster and remain injury-free. Combining expert-level clinical skills, biomechanical analysis, technology integration, and professional-grade treatments, we have become Charlotte athletes’ go-to choice for running PT.

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Stride With Confidence

We understand running both physically and mentally. Physically, runners face distinct challenges due to the repetitive impact on joints and muscles.  Our running PT program ensures you are moving well and training efficiently, getting ample recovery, and using proper biomechanics to both address pain in the short term and futureproof the system against injury in the long run.

From a mental standpoint, we also understand that running is a way of life. You draw energy from your runs, releasing those feel-good endorphins with every step you take. That’s why we keep you moving throughout your recovery, focusing on injury resilience, active recovery, and a total-body approach that ensures you are moving efficiently and effectively from head to toe.

What Running Focused PT Can Do for You

Injury Prevention
As we shift towards a more proactive approach to wellness, our running experts offer injury prevention programs that identify and address imbalances and dysfunctions BEFORE they lead to pain or injury.

Improved Performance
Using targeted exercises and training techniques, we can help enhance strength, flexibility, and power to optimize your running performance.

Pain Management
Pain is protective. Listen to your body and get the care you need to put out the fire and rebuild for a more resilient future.

Personalized Training Plans
Whether you’ve run 20 marathons or are preparing for your first 5K, our personalized training programs ensure you are safely building to your target and complementing your running with appropriate cross-training. 

Biomechanical Analysis
To perform optimally, you better be moving optimally.  Our PTs use gait and movement analyses to identify any inefficiencies in your running pattern and correct them to keep you safe and healthy for years to come.

Education and Advice
We work to empower every runner who steps through our doors to make the most informed decisions in their health and performance. Providing valuable advice on everything from proper footwear to training techniques to rehabilitative exercises, we guarantee comprehensive care that helps you perform at your peak.

Helping Charlotte Athletes Run Without Limits

Our Approach to Success

A comprehensive evaluation to identify the root cause of your issues.

Individualized programming that addresses your unique impairments and running goals

Performance enhancement to bring you back better than ever

Begin Your Journey to Peak Performance Today

Ready to experience what the best running PT in Charlotte, NC can do for you? Don’t let injuries or performance hurdles hold you back.  Contact us today and take the first step towards your peak running performance.

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