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4 Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders!

Your thoracic spine is the foundation for your neck and shoulders. If your thoracic spine isn’t mobile and can’t move well, the probability of pain increases significantly in the neighboring joints, especially the shoudlers and neck…

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Baseball Players and GIRD: The Raw TRUTH!

GIRD has been a hot topic in the baseball world for many years, but especially the past few. The truth behind this “GIRD” phenomenon can be confusing so I wanted to take some time and really dive in deep, and also debunk a few common myths and misconceptions while we’re at it!​

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CrossFit and Pregnancy: My story – Part 2: 2nd Trimester

The modifications started sooner than expected! Once I hit 13 weeks, a lot of things started to change! That week, I started noticing lower abdominal discomfort with running (sometimes even walking) and coning/bulging of my abdominals with certain movements that involved my core..

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