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Why you NEED a CrossFit Physical Therapist

Picture this. You’re a high school baseball pitcher dealing with shoulder pain and you’re in the clinic knocking out your exercises. But then one day you look to your left and you see Mrs. Betty-Jo over there doing the SAME exericses. The same ones!! What the heck?!

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I think I have Vertigo. What should I do?

Dizziness is awful! It’s hard to enjoy what is in front of you when you are always distracted by either feeling dizzy or worrying that the next movement will cause it again.  I want this blog to help you know the potential reason behind your dizziness and if we are the right solution for you!

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The Infamous Female Athlete Triad: What You NEED to Know!

Meet Amy. Amy is a senior in high school, a cheerleader, and at the top of her class. She’s currently applying for colleges and it’s her dream to cheer at one of the top schools in the country. While Amy might look like she has it all together, she’s actually struggling internally…

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How to Bulletproof Your Knees!

One of the most commonly injured body regions that we encounter are the knees! We get asked all the time the best stretches, mobilizations, or treatments for the knee and the truth is… the knee more often than not the VICTIM, not the cause of your pain.

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